Dark Lotus dropped “Tales from the Lotus Pod” this very day in 2001!!

Dark Lotus- Tales from the Lotus Pod

Album Released July 17th 2001

Dark Lotus, Tales From The Lotus Pod

On this very day, July 17th in 2001, Psychopathic Records dropped the Dark Lotus album, Tales from the Lotus Pod. This was the first album Dark Lotus put out after their label stepped away from Island Records.

The first release of this album, (red cover)  featured the only appearance of the original member Marz.   Marz was dismissed from the group.  Violent J has said many times that he did not like the original version.  Calling it too morbid, and put him in a mood he didn’t like.

Psychopathic re-released the album the next year, in 2002 with its newest member, ABK taking over for Marz (gold cover).  Violent J later said that the re-release was the” definitive version.”




Track titles and Track times (original  – reissued)

1 “Intro” 1:21 1:21
2 “Ali Baba” 4:22 4:21
3 “Something” 4:21 3:59
4 “Hurt Myself” 5:10 5:09
5 “Call Upon Your Gods” 4:57 4:5
6 “And We Danced” 4:37 4:36
7 “Black Magic” 4:57 4:56
8 “Gimme Dat Blood” 3:39 3:39
9 “Headache” 5:38 5:36
10 “Bad Rep” 4:46 4:47
11 “Bitch I’m Sexy” 3:51 3:30
12 “Swarm” 4:46 4:45
13 “I Wanna Die” 3:52 3:51
14 “The Crows” 3:52 3:52
15 “Juggalo Family” 6:07 6:06
16 “Dot Com” 4:47 4:46

You can digitally download this album at hatchetgear.com or purchase on Amazon.

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