darrein safron that me from the brilliant ep

Darrein Safron has What You Want with His New Track ‘That Me’

Strange Music released a third track from Darrein Safron’s upcoming release The Brilliant EP. ‘That Me’ is another smooth love song. Darrein already claimed it’s ‘All For You‘ and gave us the contemplative visuals for ‘Bad Gurl‘ to get us hyped for his debut EP. Now, he is laying down vocals with Steven Stevens in this new pre-release track.  This song has the same idea behind it as ‘Bad Gurl’ where he’s stealing someone’s girl away. That makes one think this ablum is all about those tricky love relationships. Darrein seems to definitely be a singer for the ladies.

Rounding out Strange Music with a softer artist seems to have caused some controversy in Strangeland. Technicians are mixed it seems with their reception of this new Strange Music artist.  He’s not a horrorcore rapper or a chopper, but does the whole label need just one type of artist? Most people are diverse in their music interests. Darrien Safron brings a new dimension to Strange Music. After all, Tech is all about releasing 3dimentional music. So, if you don’t like Darrein’s music doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong on Strange Music. Believe it or not, there are technicians out there digging the fuck out of these tracks.

That Me ~ Darrein Safron feat. Steven Stevens

If you’re on the Darrein Safron bandwagon, you can pre-order his debut album The Brilliant EP on Strange Music or Itunes. When you pre-order on Strange Music you get the EP signed by Darrein and you’ll receive a Strange Music decal and a Strange Music Chrome Rectangle Pendant. When you pre-order on Itunes you will instantly get the song ‘Bad Gurl’ and ‘All For You.’

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