Darrein Safron The Brilliant EP – Where’s The Love?

Darrein Safron

The reception of newly signed Strange Music artist Darrein Safron has been mixed, but should everyone give him a chance, anyway? I must admit that I was skeptical at the beginning, but having now sat down and given The Brilliant EP a chance myself, I can honestly say that I really dig it. To elaborate more, I’ll give ya’ll the run down, track by track.

  1. All For You featuring Tech N9ne

When this opening track starting playing, I was still skeptical. For me, Darrein’s delivery and voice reminded me of Chris Brown or maybe even Trey Songz. Now before ya’ll start complaining about mainstream sounds, just know that my mind changed almost instantly when I realized just how catchy this track actually is. It’s easy to get down to, especially when Tech comes in with his lines.

2. That Me featuring Steven Stevens

Starting out, you just know this track is going to be pretty fresh. It’s one of those songs that will have the rear view mirror shaking while bumping it in the car, so I give this one a thumbs up. As a side note, I finally learned how to pronounce Darrein from the intro, so hopefully it’ll be helpful to ya’ll, as well.

3. Thirsty

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure yet how I really feel about this track. It has a nice beat, but I’m not a big fan of the lyrics. However, I do believe that in time, it could grow on me as a whole.

4. Shady featuring L$D

This is one of those classic “I can’t trust you, but I want you, anyway” songs. It’s pretty catchy, but again, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I think of all the tracks on this EP, this one could’ve been done a little better.

5. Bad Gurl

Now this track I actually really like. It was the single that came with the iTunes pre-order, so most of us have probably heard it already. The beat is another one you can get down to, plus the actual song has a catchy and free-flow feeling.

6. The Brilliant (Outro)

This outro gives fan and skeptics alike a small view into Darrein’s life, which brings us into the final track, Thank U’s. Although, it isn’t exactly a song. It’s a quick message of pure gratefulness for all of the people who have helped him become who he is today. To end, Darrein reminds us that an album is coming, as well as a mixtape.

All in all, I have to say that Darrein Safron is not an artist to sleep on. So if you haven’t already, grab a copy of The Brilliant EP off of the official Strange Music website, or purchase through iTunes.

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