Davey Suicide Legal Fight Exposes Truth About StandBy Records

Davey Suicide Breaks The Silence

Earlier today on social media, Davey Suicide uploaded a video about the current situation with their record label, Standby Records. This is not an “oh woe is me I’m not being treated right, I need a tissue” video. This is a video with documentation,emails, messages, text messages, contract agreements and more… all exposing the shady practices of Standby Records. It also notes the pattern of other bands that were left with little choice but to end their music careers under their particular brand. We will let you form your own opinion on the matter, but let’s just say Davey Suicide is able to back up their claims, at least from what we can tell. Also, upon checking Standby’s website, DS is no longer on their roster. We have reached out for further comment. If that happens, we will keep you updated. In the meantime, here is the video.



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