Dead Vulture EP Reviewed 

dead vulture track list

We love Blaze! I mean really, who doesn’t love The Dead Man? His new EP is called “Dead Vulture” which was dropped among the Juggalo masses at the seventeenth annual Gathering of the Juggalos. It has five songs which includes an intro track and no guest appearances. From the moment the introduction started I was taken back to the Clockwork Grey era. Then I listened to the song “Dead Vulture” and knew we were right at home! My favorite song off this EP is “That’s Real” because not only is it a classic Dead Homie feel, but he speaks some real shit. “Don’t be scared to handle your business”, “If it don’t make money it don’t make sense”. That’s the kind of shit a real Original Gangster would sit at the table with some youngsters and teach them. “Don’t flash your cash or you will get robbed”, and my personal favorite quote off this song, “Respect is earned on my clock.” We can always count on Blaze to bring that gangsta shyt straight to the earholes and that’s why I like this. “Death Behind the Wheel” is a song I’d love to see made into a music video. The story is kind of like a Ghost Rider meets Knight Rider. I can see Blaze as Death riding around in a badass lowrider hearse collecting all different kinds of souls. It seems as though “Break Something” is a message to the people who like to talk shyt but aren’t about shyt, not to take shyt from anyone and if you need to “break somethin’.” Get the job done, just like Blaze did on this EP, he took care of business. You can get your copy at the Twiztid Shop.

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