Deadpool Gag Reel Will Leave You Blue In The Face

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Gag reels are amazing! Especially, a Deadpool gag reel. Typically they show the cast cutting loose, making jokes, and generally goofing around. I’m sure most of us by now have seen the Deadpool movie so it shouldn’t be too shocking that this gag reel goes all out. What is amazing about the whole damn thing is that it just feels like it is just another six minutes added to the movie.

This hilarious reel popped up on YouTube¬†earlier this week, and it shows Ryan Reynolds dropping multiple obscure movie references from the likes of The Golden Child, along with his awesome¬†Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation. There are also a slew of alternate jokes from T.J. Miller’s Weasel, who comes up with different ways to describe Wade Wilson’s deformed face. If that was not enough, we also see Morena Baccarin get stuck, Ryan Reynolds come up with catchy nicknames for Gina Carano’s Angel Dust, and much more. So without further a due, here it is. Enjoy it up ninjas!

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