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Death Comes Home

Death Comes Home

Band photo: Death Comes Home

Hello True Metalcore Juggalo Family!

I’ve got a very exciting Metalcore band for you to feast your ears upon! Puerto Rico is definitely putting Metalcore on the map with Death Comes Home! If you like bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Blessthefall or Lamb of God, then you are sure to love DCH!

Death Comes Home is a Metalcore band from Puerto Rico, where they gained exposure from their EP album, The Pursuers . For those who don’t know what “Metalcore” is, it is a blend of hardcore metal and punk rock. DCH caught massive worldwide attention from their 2013 music video, “Desolate:Ascension“.

Songwriter and Guitarist, Carlos Rosa created the band back in 2012, and even with a few changes and bumps along the way, Carlos pressed on to recreating his image and sound for the band. After 3 years of hiatus, they reformed again with a new singer, Emanuel Calderón.  This perfectly suits the bands new debut full-length album, Reinvent, which will drop later this year. So keep all forms of social media on lock so you don’t miss out!

Death Comes Home members-  Emanuel Calderón – Vocals, Carlos Rosa– Guitar, Roberto Santiago– Bass, Eloy Otero – Guitar, Raphiel Hernandez – Drums

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Check out DCH’s NEW music video for The Sleepwalker below:


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