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Death Slide: Horrorcore Bass Metal Review

Hey Ninjas there is a new band in the Juggalo Universe. What follows is a review of Death Slide‘s upcoming EP The Hatchet Slide of the Moon which includes tracks from the soundtrack for Terrors of the Hood. The horror series Terrors of the Hood will be aired on DATV and 13FullMoons website which is where the EP and Soundtrack will be available. Project Born is also featured on this EP and Soundtrack. Both bands will be touring soon in the Camp Fire Horror Stories Tour soon.

Overall this bass metal Juggalo band has something you don’t see often. It’s horrorcore with a heavy or, in my opinion, a death metal sound but with rap in the mix. It’s a three member band with a riff ripping guitarist, a death metal screamer, and a child like singer who really kicks the creepiness up in the songs. Hey, if you want a creepy look or sound there is nothing like an innocent child. They amp up the creep level. Killer kids are the ultimate scare. And this band integrates a high pitched voice with the deep voice.

You can check out the tracks Myers and The Awaking below. These tracks let you see for yourself what this band’s sound is all about. The riff in Myers really got my attention. You can really get a feel for the talent of the guitarist in this track. The deep heavy metal voice of the instrumental really brings out the metal head in a Juggalo. The music video shot for the Myers track really reflects the creepiness of the subject of the song Micheal Myers of the Halloween movies. Speaking of thrash riffs and a deep death metal voice The Awaking below has got all that along with some very Juggalo lyrics you would expect form painted up killer clowns.


The Awakening

Now for the unreleased tracks from Hatchet Slide of the Moon…

There is a Juggalo track that really brings the killer out. Juggalos Roll (Shut the Fuck Up) has both the deep metal voice and the high pitched voice rapping over a synth piano and drum kit instrumental. It’s definitely a Juggalo banger declaring, “shut the fuck up and back the fuck down!” It got my ass head banging, but I am a big thrash metal fan.

The next track Horror Flick really puts the horror in horrorcore. It’s all about horror films. The instrumental to this track is reminiscent of horror film music with the creepy piano tune that reminds you of what they play when the killer is coming to get his victim(s). The lyrics are straight based off all the popular horror films Juggalos love.

Next is another Juggalo tune. This one based on what Juggalos love to do, Gathering, bitch! This has got a lot of whoop whoops and whatnot. It’s really a track to bang on your way¬† to Gather.

death slide, horrocore review

Brake Something is one of my favorites from the EP. The hook really hooks ya. You ever get so mad you just want to brake something? Well, this is the track to bang when the urge comes to just fuck shit up. Again this track utilizes a high pitch creepy back in forth riff to bring the high energy to the track. This track is also a Soundtrack song to the horror film Terrors from the Hood.

Another Soundtrack/EP song is Anarkey. This is another favorite track. The echoing hook gives this song it’s high energy while the lyrics are talently spit. The lyrics are solid, but it’s the dope instrumental that really makes this track stand out. The two voices really contrast each other, both bringing this rebel track to excellence. This is the song that really showcases their rapping skills.

Serial Killer brings a high level of creep the the EP/Soundtrack. I believe this track is the best lyrically and voice wise. If you haven’t fell in love with the Juggalo and Horror themed EP by now this track will do it. It has that deep thrash voice mixed with wicked lyrics. Again it has the creepy back and forth instrumental that gets you on the edge of your seat. Put it all together and you got horrorcore at it’s finest.

Well, there you have it for the most part. You’ll have to get the Soundtrack or the full EP to get the whole package, but that’s my analysis of the main tracks. If you like Project Born and Juggalo music this EP is definitely for you. The sound is something unique to the Juggalo world of music. It has a defined horror film sound with some straight up Juggalo lyrics and rapping mixed with some amazing death metal screaming metal heads will fall in love with.

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