Death slide, wolf in the moon, mind of a psycho

Death Slide New Single and Emcee Challenge

Death Slide is giving the Family a new exclusive single from their upcoming album Wolf in the Moon which is also the Soundtrack for their upcoming full length movie Mind of a Psycho. The movie will start filming May 3. If you would like to be a part of that action you canĀ  get contact info here.

Death Slide is also issuing a challenge to any and all horrorcore emcees. They want to battle rap with anyone willing to step up. They also invite challenging emcees to go bar for bar. They will come to you or you can come to them for the rap battle. It’s all about the pride and Famil love. If you are interested in stepping up to the challenge you can contact them directly through Facebook.

mind of a psycho, wolf in the moon, death slide

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