Gathering 17

Want A Chance To Perform At Gathering 17?

Want a chance to perform at Gathering 17?! Psychopathic Records is offering a chance for you or other upcoming artists in the underground scene to entertain at the 17th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos. 

The contest begins on February 11th on The Juggalo Show. This podcast airs every other Thursday night on Psychopathic Radio, and they will be running the Demo Jams contest. The entries must be received by May 1st to be in the contest. The songs chosen will go head to head on air and be voted on by both the hosts of The Juggalo Show and the audience!

Grand prize winner will receive 2 Gathering 17 tickets and a nighttime slot on the Pendulum Stage to perform! More details on how to enter for this fresh contest are listed below!

“As you know, aside from some of the hottest artists on the planet, the Gathering also showcases many up and coming and underground artists each year. If you want to submit a request for consideration, click onto the contact’s link. Also, The Juggalo Show podcast which airs live every other Thursday at 9pm at , will be running their now infamous Demo Jams contest starting on 11 Feb 2016. This elimination style completion pits song against song each show to determine who will rise to the top to win the grand prize: 2 GOTJ tickets and a nighttime Pendulum stage performance spot!  If you wish to compete, email 3 of your best songs to , along with your artist/group name, phone number, music video link (if any) and all social media links you have. You may also mail in the same information along with a CD / USB Drive to:

Demo Jams Contest

32575 Folsom Road

Farmington Hills MI 48336

If your songs are chosen for the competition, they will be played on air, and then critiqued by the Juggalo Show hosts and Juggalo audience alike. The deadline for these submissions is 1 May 2016.”


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