suck on this die antwoord

Die Antwoord Suck on This and Kanye Too Weird

Die Antwoord just released their new mixtape Suck on This on Datpiff and Itunes. It is a little somthing to suck on until their Candy album drops. They mention the new album in a short track entitled “We Want Candy.” So, this mixtape is really something to just get you hyped up for the new album that is coming out who knows when.

There is much freaky flavor on this mixtape and difinitely something a Die Antwoord fan will eat up until they can get that Candy. There are quite a few GOD features. One of them being a dope trap remix of their classic song “I Fink You Freeky.” Have fun with those drops! Talking of remixes there is a “Enter Da Ninja” Remix. There is also new track like the single released a few days ago “Dazed and Confused” produced by GOD. Plus, new freeky tracks like “Bum Bum.” This mixtape if full of great freeky music. So, go check it out! The Datpiff account has free downloads, so if you hurry, you can get this mixtape for free. There is even a prouncation lesson for all the American fans to finnally pronounce Die Antwoord right.

After listening to that mixtape you may be asking how can they say Kayne is weird? Well, in the Youtube video below you can hear Ninja’s story about working with Kayne. According to Ninja he went to Kanye’s house to record some tracks. His experience is quite weird. Both artist are known to be out there. But, apparently Kayne is too weird for Ninja to work with again. You think with the crazy sexual songs that Die Antwoord puts out someone watching anal porn wouldn’t phase them, but the timing was just not right.