Uwe Boll


We all love a good Hollywood rant or meltdown right?  This time it’s film director Uwe Boll as the source of my amusement.  The director known for movie adaptations of the games Bloodrayne, Alone In The Dark, and Far Cry is pissed off and he wants you to know about it.


Here it the first video Uwe complains about his failed crowdfunding campaign for Rampage 3.  You see he failed on indiegogo and he also failed on kickstarter.  After the kickstarter failure, I guess Uwe has had enough.  Watch below.



After that, Uwe was not done. This time he sets his sights on Hollywood. In this one he attacks a few actors and actresses, then sets his sights on foreign investors. Check it out below.

Oh I love when stuff like this happens.