The Dirty Dog Gets A Dark Sermon In Austin!
Dark Sermon,Dirty Dog,

The Metalheads of Austin got a Dark Sermon last night at the Dirty Dog as the Coffin Dragger Tour came through. Your girl CameraNinja was there to capture Dark Sermon’s set. Man!! What a great set. Dark Sermon is a deathcore metal band from Tampa who formed in 2009.


              They set the stage with what looked like a ritual table with assorted tools. There were candles, a skull, sage, a handkerchief with Pentagrams on it, a bat skeleton, and tusks. I watched as Johnny Crowder (vocals) carefully set the table up. Before the set began, he kneeled down and showed his respect to the table.

Dark Sermon


         The first song began. There were about 50 enthusiastic metalheads in the crowd. The energy was high, and the band was feeling the moment. They played a 5 song set and there was not one disappointing moment. I went into this show not knowing any of the bands that were on the bill. I left knowing that I will go to another show when Dark Sermon comes through Austin again.


Here is the set list so you can get on YouTube and check out the songs


Forfeit II: Worn Thin

The Eyeless Needle

In Tongues

Rat King (Video Below)

      There was a bit of a circle mosh pit during “In Tongues”. The crowd was loving every song they played. At one point, Johnny wrapped the handkerchief around his entire face and proceeded to perform the song. He also held the skull up to his chin and performed that way as well.

Dark Sermon

If you haven’t heard of Dark Sermon, you should look them up. Here is a video of their song “In Tongues”.


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I hope you enjoyed my review as much as I enjoyed the show. Until next time, metal heads…






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