Photo courtesy of HipHopDX

Dizzy Wright photo courtesy of HipHopDX

Funk Volume recording artist Dizzy Wright recently spoke with HipHopDX.  Wright’s upcoming album “The Growing Process” comes out next week, and is appropriately titled, in my opinion.  In Dizzy Wright’s recent interview he speaks about fatherhood, the future of Funk Volume, his feature on an upcoming Hopsin album, and more.



“I be tired than a mutherfucker in the morning. My daughter come running in there. I be like, ‘Oh, damn!’ [Laughs] I love waking up with my son. When you have kids, you gotta burp them for a very long time until you don’t gotta burp them. You gotta wake up with them and make sure you burp them because a lot of times they’ll cry and you won’t know why they’re crying but that’s probably why. So I always wake up like a zombie burping him! [Laughs]

“My daughter made me so motivated. When I knew I was having a daughter, I put my shit into gear. I was like, ‘Damn, I’m about to be a provider for somebody. I gotta get right and do my thing.’ My son though, I’m just excited to raise a man. My grandfather taught me almost everything that I know. I just want to teach somebody else, give somebody all my game. My son is gonna be the only person that can have all that. I try to give a little game [through my music].”


“It’s been a growing process with this whole shit. I’ve always been very comfortable with Funk Volume, but we as Funk Volume still were trying to figure out what we really want to do as a whole. Individually, everyone has their own style and kind of their own direction in life. We have now come together and kind of figured out where we wanna be, what we want Funk Volume to look like in 20 years. We wanna keep grinding so it looks like that. But now we’re kind of communicating with each other and we’re a little more open than ever these days. I’m always having fun, bro. I don’t take nothing for granted, bro. I come from nothing. I was living in a shelter home. You know I’m a shelter baby, so, I don’t take nothing for granted. I be chilling, loving life. I love it everyday.”

The full interview with Dizzy Wright is a great read and can be viewed by clicking HERE or the image above!