dizzy wright plotting music video

Dizzy Wright Plotting Music Video Dropped Today

Dizzy Wright Plotting music video was uploaded to Dizzy’s own channel just minutes ago. Dizzy has been hyping this video release to the max asking everyone to share the video with the tag #Plotting. This professional video promotes his first Non-Funk Volume album, Wisdom & Good Vibes, which will drop on February 5. You can preorder a copy on Itunes.

This video follows a scrub around in his hoopty ride. The plot seems clear. Though he is on the bottom just staring out he’s plotting to get where he truly wants. He is just outside the gates, but he has ambition to work towards his goal. With the demise of Funk Volume, the label where he got his start, Dizzy had to sink or swim on his own. He’s plotting to make it big without the label apparently. He’s been constantly promoting his new fully independent album and now this high quality video. It’s something inspiring. The way Dizzy is featured in the video he looks to be a voice in the back of your head giving you inspiration to make it. It’s always a battle of the mind that defeats our endeavors. This song and video represent a decision to plot a new way to greatness. This new Dizzy album seems to be shaping into an expression of overcoming odds and making it on your own. That’s accomplished from wisdom and good vibes.

Plotting ~ Dizzy Wright

The first independently produced video by Dizzy Wright looks like a push towards a promising new independent career. What do you think of the video? Are you in support of Dizzy Wright now that he is independent? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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