dizzy wright

Dizzy Wright Makes a Big Statement with New Music Video

Dizzy Wright recorded and edited his latest music video in 24 hours. This video has made a major impact all over social media with its heartfelt message. “They Know Why” is all about the recent police shootings and the current #BlackLivesMatter movement. The music video illustrates what’s wrong with the current affairs affecting so many people. This video comes with a warning of sorts. Dizzy states that martial law is coming and that Tump is just another Hitler which I am sure many agree with. This is more than a music video it is a political and social statement. If you haven’t watched it yet it’s about time you do.

They Know Why ~ Dizzy Wright

Dizzy thanked his mother for raising him to be able to speak his mind like he did in this music video. Without her, this video may not have been put together. It’s amazing the power mothers have in this world. They are the spark that leads to greatness.

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