Dizzy Wright’s Daddy Daughter Relationship

The latest track from Dizzy Wright’s upcoming album has been debuted this week. Sways Universe has posted the track from Dizzy Wright’s new project The Growing Process.  The whole album gets released next week.  The subject to this song is kinda obvious.  It’s a very sweet song.  Songs like these always get to me.  I have a daughter myself, feel it.  He brings her into the booth and they have a few sweet conversations.  Dizzy Wright has a beautiful relationship with his daughter and you can hear it in Daddy Daughter Relationship.  Not gonna lie, I almost teared up a bit at this part:



Don’t forget you can call on your old man
I’m here whenever you need me, through hard times
Everything’s gonna be all fine
‘Cause you got me and I got you
You always got my love

You can click HERE or on the image above to peep the track.  Be sure to come back here and leave your thoughts in the comment section.



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