DJ Booth Speaks On The Strange Music Merch Game

Strange Music

If you’re a big-time fan of Strange Music, chances are you already know about the super fresh and varied selection of merchandise that’s available. The official Strange store has just about everything you could possibly think of, ranging from menswear, to women’s clothing, to even children’s clothing. Along with plenty of accessories and music, you could make almost an entire outfit from Strange Music apparel alone. One person who certainly agrees with how awesome the immense selection is, would be DJ Booth. More specifically, Yoh of DJ Booth. He reminds us of how important it is that labels and various other markets have their own lines of merchandise, mentioning that Strange definitely know their way around effective marketing strategies by offering the items that they do.

To check out the entire article, head over to the official DJ Booth website and get educated! Since we’re already talking about Strange, might as well check out some merchandise over on the official store site right now!

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