World of Webs Tour

TJF: How would you compare WoW to other tours you’ve been on?
Clay: its been a couple years since ive toured with TWIZTID and i can say the energy is way different cause i got a few mixxtapes under my belt now , so more of the juggalos know what im really about now.
TJF: How is it different for you to do a tour without ICP as opposed to touring with them?
Clay: its way different cause im out here solo style , when i hit the stage with J and SHAGGS the crowd naturally goes nuts but solo style i know exactly how much luv is comin my way but don’t get it twisted i’ll never not wanna be on that stage with my big bros. I.C.P , i never forget who gave me what i got and thats real.
TJF: What’s it like to work with each of the artists/groups that were on the tour (individually or all of ’em together)?
Clay: c’mon man thats easy ,blaze and twiztid are fam and we dont just say that cause we work together , its cause its trill.
TJF: When I watched the show in Ft Worth you played multiple times throughout the night. How many sets, “mini-sets”, and/or stage collabs do you have (nightly) on this tour and how long is each set?
Clay: i did a 20 min. set 2 times, once b4 blaze and once b4 twiztid , you know to keep the night hype and no stale set change music that some asshole plays like when your waiting for blaze and theyre just playin hoobastank all low n shit , naw i get it crakin!!.
TJF: Based on the crowd’s reactions (at multiple locations of the tour) what are the chances of seeing YOU headline a tour in 2011?
Clay: out on the world of webs tour ive had a shitload of juggalos ask me the same question but i can never 4get my bros. I.C.P , so ima be in the studio almost all year of 2011 with em recording THE MIGHTY DEATH POP , but soon as were done , you best believe ima try n set out for a DJ CLAY club tour , where i just go to clubs across the country and have JUGGALO NIGHTS , i think it’ll be dope.

TJF: Before you went on stage we were chillin — like it was a regular night or some shit, you would have never guessed you were even a performer – but 20 seconds later (when you hit the stage) – the charisma came out…. no fake shit – sincere/genuine HYPE for the crowd (100) – what flips that switch for ya?

Clay: the adrenaline andthe fans turn it all on, when i hit that stage and the crowd starts chanting my name , its on and it dont turn off till im sleepin , its almost like a dr. jekyl n mr. hyde thing , im the coolest mufucka you’ll meet but when i hit the stage im DJ CLAY ,i work for the juggalos and if you stand in my way ima knock u the fuk out.

TJF: This tour wasn’t your first but was definitely the best (based not only on my naive opinion – this is the collective impression from everyone that’s been to this show). I’ve spoken to 3 different homiez (in separate cities) that all agreed – you basically highlighted the tour as much as the other artists – in your opinion was the crowd’s reaction to you warmer on this tour than your other tours before? (Seems like your fan base is gradually spreading as your skill is widely recognized).
Clay: definitely a much much warmer feeling , when i hit the stage now i feel like a bullet could hit me and bounce off , plus the skills are constantly increasing, practice makes perfect.
TJF: Everyone ALWAYS wants to know about the local artists involved with national tours (at least the underground community is interested)…. did any of the opening acts impress you along the tour?
Clay: you know ,i dont wanna judge any body or single out anyone but i remember GEORGE ZELAYA out of seattle rockin the crowd , SHUTANG rockin it in florida , and BAILZ rockin it in detroit , i know there was more but thats off the top of my head.

TJF: From the feedback we’ve received about your performance you’ve let it all hang out in EVERY city of the tour …. even though the performance is unbiased based upon the city you’re performing in – is there any specific city you prefer more than the other?

Clay: thats a hard one , theres luv all across the map but i do love the west coast and the south but i think thats cause the warm weather , i look forward to every city we hit , i just feel blessed to be loved by that many people.


Book Of The Wicked 2 (BOTW2)

TJF: As for BOTW2 – what an amazing album! I really enjoyed the first chapter of Book Of The Wicked (who couldn’t with the likes of “I Live My Life On Stage” and “Whoop”)… but the new album is arguably as good – possibly better (in my opinion)! Do you feel like this album was stronger or more developed than the first chapter?

Clay: yup cause after the 1st chapter i really knew where i was heading and what i wanted to do.

TJF: The majority of los we researched about this album think you’re gradually improving or that your work is beginning to showcase your talents more, as time passes. Do you agree – or can you sense a feeling of improvement/development? (100% respect intended here)

Clay: of course , shit im constantly learning/growing/improving what i can do , i feel like theres no limitations to what a person can do

TJF: How would you describe this mixtape in comparison with your previous work?

Clay: easy 100% wicked shit , but dont be surprised if a let em bleed 5 drops one day (ooohhhhh shhhhiittt ) that got your panties wet rite, but i also got ideas for the future too.

TJF: Pen and Paper is one of my favorites off the new album – is that song exactly as it sounds – just a song to be taken at “face value”… or is there more significance than it sounds? The flow of the lyrics insist a deeper emotional connection to the song than the actual content itself.

Clay: its just real life shit , its how i really feel when i grab a pen and write what im feeling , this song just describes what i do when i write no matter what the subject im on.

TJF: Why haven’t we heard a straight solo album? Ya know, maybe one or two collabs from certain artists – but dominantly Clay? Seems to me you’re ready for it?

Clay: i can rap my ass off , but im still a dj/producer by heart and when i drop my solo album its gonna be when the time feels right , when the world is ready to hear what i have to say rather than what i can re-mix or produce next.

TJF: (follow-up to prev. question) Your vocal presence on Pen and Paper is apparent – why don’t we hear more CLAY only tracks? (I’d personally enjoy a DJ Clay album)….

Clay: these mixxtapes aint intended to showcase my raps but to showcase the entire psychopathic roster as well as my production/dj skills

TJF: Almost EVERY song on the album is appealing to me… just the right mix of beatz/artists…etc… Were there any “rushed” tracks or specific tracks that took longer to develop than others?

Clay: not really , thats why the slight push back ,i wanted it to be perfect and while some may not feel the same , i dont give a fuck , i think its a masterpiece.

TJF: I won’t get into each specific shout on the album – but Eric Davie – could you tell us a little about what he does and his contribution to this project?

Clay: eric davie is my manz , he’s the shit and while i could engineer myself ,really i couldnt , having him on deck makes my imagination easier to bring to life , he’s real good at what he does, he has helped engineer every mixxtape ive done since let em bleed 3.

TJF: Where was the album recorded and how long did it take to (entire production) for BOTW2 to come to life?

Clay: no mixxtape takes too long , i’d say the average mixxtape takes only 2-3 months to make (musically) and their all recorded at either my studio or at the lotus pod.

TJF: Was the album created virtually (email/etc) or was it all recorded in the pod with artists gathering to make the tracks?

Clay: its all recorded at the pod with my presence or at the haunted cabin in the woods with violent j then sent to me.

TJF: Is there more relevance with the skits than meets the eye – or are they just another fresh form of wicked entertainment for us (los)?

Clay: it all relates to the cover , look at the cover and back and peep what type of weapon each person has , that all relates to the skits , i think deep when it comes to the themes.

TJF: With outstanding contributions from everyone on BOTW2 – and generally from working with so many of the family artists – do you have any insight to the development and improvements from any specific (or ALL) Psychopathic artist(s), in reference to growth/future work?

Clay: everybody knows the whole psy squad is mad talented (no doubt) but A.M.B has been comin hard on the beats i supply them with , they really have been improving their skillz every time.

TJF: I’m a fan of the album cover/book – who came up with the cover concept (all white suits)?

Clay: i come up with all the concepts of every mixxtape and this time round it was all white suits with blood , whats more clean than all white suits ,but then lets bloody them shits up psy style , i love it .

TJF: On track 19 “Outro” – there’s approx. a 10 minute silence followed by a FREE beat you give to people (and I quote)” Do whatever-the-fuck you want with it” ….. HELLA cool sentiment homie. Where did the idea come from (giving away the beat) and have you heard any fresh songs come from the beat yet?

Clay: havent heard notnin yet but you ask why? , i ask why not , do you know how many juggalos rap? That buy my shit , i feel like ima give somthin back no matter if they just have fun with it or get famous off it ,i dont care thats just how i work , its all in fun and lo luv.

TJF: Just to clarify – can an “upcoming” artist use that beat on one of their albums (provided they give you credit)?

Clay: fuk yea, its just what i said “take it , do what ever the fuck you want with it” and props would be appropriate.

TJF: What’s the chances of us hearing a Book Of The Wicked 3? (I think I’d have puked if anyone would have previously told me I’d want to hear a third edition of ANY album – but based on chapters 1 and 2 – why the fuck not?)

Clay: your right , why not ? but certain shit happens for a reason , if i start a different series it’ll have a different feel , but thats the thing bout me and/or these mixxtapes , you never know what ima do next and thats somthin i learned from the best.

TJF: I’d like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. You’ve shown us nothing but lo luv and these words can’t express our gratitude for your continual support. MCL Clay – on behalf of the entire TJF community, we wish you nothing but the best!

For anyone reading this article PICK UP A COPY OF THIS ALBUM. I don’t blast shit I don’t believe… I refuse to cover albums that I think are shit…Everyone runnin with the hatchet is on the album and nobody disappoints. I think this is Clay’s best work yet. (honored to have his insight on the album, to say the least). Book Of The Wicked 2 is well worth the money and can be ordered on Hatchetgear, iTunes, or in finer music distributors near you. Fuck pirates – show GENUINE support and BUY a copy! Another thing, DJ Clay just re-launched his website – complete with news (blog)¬†etc etc…. so check that shit out – BOOKMARK it! Join the forums and join in conversation…. whatever the hell works best for you – if you’re reading this interview you’re capable of joining Clay’s community. Whoop whooP to everyone who read this!