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DJ Paul To Replace Stitches On Marvelous Missing Link Tour


DJ PaulIt was reported recently on the current edition of Hatchet Herald, that DJ Paul KOM is hooking up on The Marvelous Missing Link tour with ICP!

After missing the first few show dates, our homie Stitches has had to officially drop out of the Marvelous Missing Link tour due to family health issues. Stitches’ beautiful wife just gave birth to their son but he was born prematurely and is going through some serious health issues. So Stitches has left the tour to be with his family during this difficult time. And WE TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! He is doing the right thing and being a responsible husband and father and putting his family first.

But thankfully we have secured a DOPE replacement for Stitches…our homie DJ Paul, who’s debut solo album on Psychopathic Records “Master of Evil” drops on Friday, October 30. We’re psyched as fuck to have a legend like DJ Paul—co-founder of both Three 6 Mafia and Da Mafia 6ix as well as a member of the Psychopathic supergroup The Killjoy Club—joining us on our national trek. Plus, the camaraderie of having Paul on the road is going to be fuckin awesome because all of us are still in shock over the sudden passing of Da Mafia 6ix/Killjoy Club member Koopsta Knicca. Together we will get through this dark sad time and at least we can celebrate that Koopsta is now in Shangri-La getting mad angel neden.