Dog Beats Now Available on!

That’s right Dog Beats is now available for download on It looks like Juggalo Day has been full of surprises, and now, the iconic first release from ICP (at the time known as Inner City Posse) has been digitally released for online purchase. You now have your chance to hear what started it all just over 25 years ago. This was also the first official release on the newly founded label, Psychopathic Records. The self produced EP did not get as much attention as they would have like but it started the legacy that we all know today as Insane Clown Posse. You can purchase the songs separately or the whole EP for $4 bucks. There basically giving that shit away! If this is just Juggalo Day I can only Imagine all that’s in store for this weekend!!!

Dogbeats Cover


Head on over to and get your copy!

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