bernz see you on the other side

Bernz Dropped a Bloody Music Video for “It Don’t Go”

Not too long ago Bernz released the second single from his upcoming solo album See You On the Other Side, “It Don’t Go“. Now, he has dropped the official music video for the track featuring Ces Cru. The music video has more than just Ces Cru in it though. You also have Tech N9ne and Kali Baby! They look to be part of some kind of gang. They are all in suits and ties running from cops and at one point have a cop shoved in the trunk of a car.  Bernz has a part in both sides it seems since he is both part of the gang and the target of the gang. The video opens up with him as a driver and a shot up man in the back seat. In the end the shot up Bernz saves the cop. The visuals were so intreging that I had to watch this video twice.

The music video for this fire single are bloody and gangster. Check it out below and tell us what you think of it in the comments below.

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