Dope To Release Live Full Length Album


DOPE fans, here it is. Pre-Order is finally available for the 21 track, live recorded in Russia. This album will feature the original DOPE line up on stage together for the first time in 13 years. That’s right Edsel Dope, Acey Slade, Virus, and Racci Shay will be hitting the stage together for this amazing come back.

The release of this album was a part of the “Die Mother Fucker Die” Reunion tour campaign.  With the ultimate goal to be worldwide tour in 2016.

In addition to the album, the members of DOPE plan to film the entire tour, and release a first ever live dvd.

This dvd will feature never before seen footage, music videos, spanning from the bands entire career.

The Album is said to drop in  June and will not be available on any platform other than the bands website