Dustin Diamond

Image Courtesy from Jsonline

Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech on “Saved by the Bell“, has been sentenced on Thursday to 120 days in jail and 15 months of probation in Ozaukee County Circuit Court. More than likely he will be granted work release privileges. In this case, he will be allowed to leave jail to go to work as a stand-up comedian, stated Adam Gerol the Ozaukee County District Attorney. Dustin and his fiancee, Amanda Schutz, were also ordered to pay $1,501 in restitution to Port Washington resident Casey Smet, including $500 MORE for associated transportation costs for the prosecution’s witnesses and court expenses. Back in May of this year, Diamond, was found guilty of two misdemeanors – carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct with a concealed weapon- for stabbing Smet during a bar fight last Christmas. Diamond was cleared of the felony charge of second-degree recklessly endangering safety.

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