EA Access Free Trial For E3 Week

EA Access


EA exec Peter Moore has announced a few things regarding EA Access today.  First EA Access will be free to use this week for all Xbox Live members.  This means every game in the vault will be available to play this week.  Of course, EA Access is only available on Xbox One.  I am a subscriber of EA Access and I fully believe in the service, and I believe that many of you will too when you try it.


Also announced today were the future additions of Titanfall and Dragon Age: Inquisition will also be added to the vault.  Titanfall being the first is now available in the vault(I can confirm this myself).  They join a list of games including: Need For Speed, Battlefield 4, Fifa 15, Madden 15 and many others.  For more information on EA Access click HERE or on the image above.



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