Into The Echoside

Into the Echoside Amazing the Mainstream

Two publications have caught wind of the new Psychopathic Records deck building game Into the Echoside being unleashed at Gathering 17. Both publications happen to quote the same descriptions from the Echoside website and both seem to give a positive review of the up and coming game.

The first magazine, Kill Screen, had minimal knowledge of Juggalos, though not a hater. They are just purely mainstream mostly concerned about video game culture. They state that “It retails for $39.99, which is a pretty dope price considering that the cards feature fantastical characters and musical artists that Juggalos have come to know and love.” So, it’s clear that mainstream gamers think the price is fair. They do compare the game to Magic: The Gathering though Jumpsteady stated on the Juggalo Show a while back that it is not like Magic. Jumpsteady explained that it isn’t really like any particular game out on the market. So, really the comparison isn’t totally off base. I think most Juggalos thought of Magic when they announced the deck building game. It sure sounds like a Juggalo version of Magic.

Then you have a toy magazine, Toy News, with no prior knowledge of Juggalos piping in. They basically are just telling the world that the Juggalos have a card game similar to Magic: The Gathering. It’s basically someone saying that doesn’t know anything about Juggalos quoting the Echoside website again. The commentary is very minimal. Overall, no negativity is shed so not a bad article for the Juggalo Universe coming from the mainstream.

Into the Echoside seems to be turning some mainstream heads. Though this isn’t the first Psychopathic Records game to come to the market, it seems to be exposing Juggalos to the mainstream gaming scene. Maybe this game will turn some gamers into Juggalos. You never know.

If you’re not going to make it to Gathering 17, or if you don’t want to get it there, you can pre-order Into the Echoside on Hatchet Gear.


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