Eminem and Tech N9ne – Features/Collaborations

  Eminem and Tech N9ne

In 1999, Eminem and Tech N9ne were both featured on Sway and King Tech’s song, “The Anthem.”  However, this was not the first time Eminem and Tech maxresdefault (2)N9ne had met.  When Tech N9ne came into the studio, Eminem was leaving.  They did not meet face-to-face until shaking hands on the video set.

Back in April, Tech N9ne featured Eminem on his song, “Speedom,” which was released to support Tech N9ne‘s upcoming album, Special Effects.  Special Effects was released tech-n9ne-special-effects1on May 4th.  Eminem recorded with Tech N9ne free of charge because Eminem wished for Tech N9ne to guest on another project of Eminem‘s.

Eminem, according to Tech N9ne, created a 23, 24 bar piece instead of a 16 bar piece for “Speedom” for Tech N9ne and it was, “It was perfect. It was beyond perfect.”  Tech N9ne returned Eminem‘s favor, giving his verse for Eminem‘s track.  He hopes Eminem will use it.

Tech N9ne also believes Eminem is the best rapper he’s ever heard.


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