Episode 7 of American Horror Story Hotel

Episode 7

This Wednesday, November 18th, at 10 p.m., episode 7 of American Horror Story Hotel will air on FX.  Be sure not to miss it or you may just regret your actions.

Plenty of information will be revealed during the 7th episode, especially when it comes to The Countess‘ past.  The Countess is played by pop star, Lady Gaga.  The synopsis shows a part in The Countess‘ life before she became immortal.  It is not clear who turned her, but the synopsis does reveals a moment when The Countess is with James March, played by Evan Peters, and that the two who may have been lovers at one time in the past.

According to the synopsis for episode 7, Will Drake, played by Cheyenne Jackson, will also discover a “great secret” this Wednesday.  Supposedly there is a hidden hallway within the hotel that he and a construction crew will come upon during renovations.  Whether or not the hallway has ever seen the light of day, one can take a great assumption that the hallway is not empty; especially when bodies continue to pile up at Hotel Cortez.

On top of all of this, Detective John, played by Wes Bentley, warns the doctor, “There is a killer out there, murdering with impunity.”  However, John may just be the Ten Commandments Killer.  Within the video, it shows him asking a little girl to take him to the killer, which means that even though John has left the Hotel Cortez, he’s not done yet.

Check out the video below.


Be sure not to miss Episode 7 of American Horror Story Hotel on November 18th.  Once again, AHS: Hotel comes on at 10 p.m.


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