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Esham Interview on the Murder Master Music Show

The Murder Master Music Show interviewed horrocore pioneer Esham mostly chopping it up about his new release of his remastered EP Collection (1991-1994), which contains remastered versions of Homie Don’t Play That, Erotic Poetry, Hellterskkelter, and Maggot Brain Theory. This Esham interview reveals a bunch of Esham history and a few future plans.

Discussing the Homie Don’t Play EP, Esham confirms that he album and really the character he was playing on the album was a tribute to Damon Waynes’ character, Homie the Clown from In Living Color. Prez also asks about who that EP may have inspired Inner City Posse to become Insane Clown Posse. Esham responds with, “I don’t know. That’s a question for them.”Esham also mentions towards the end of the interview he is playing a show with ICP. He is part of the 2nd day’s line up at Juggalo Weekend on Feb. 20th. Homie Don’t Play is an album along with he other 3 EPs that Esham thinks should be revisited because of their hidden freshness. The original 8-track recordings didn’t do these songs justice motivating Esham to use the latest technology to update these classics.

In the Esham interview they discuss Esham’s originality and how he has applied it to his grind. Esham declared, “We were doing what we want before it was cool to do what you want” referencing his way of doing business. Prez was impressed with how Esham produces music unlike anyone else. Esham has stayed in the underground scene by being original and fresh.

While discussing Hellterskkelter, Prez mentioned the song “Devil’s Night.” Esham relayed that the song was inspired by his experience of Devil’s Night in Detroit. It’s a night Detroit is notorious for youngsters setting abandon buildings ablaze. This fiery experience inspired ICP and Esham to rap about it.

Esham Interview: Murder Master Music Show

Esham’s remastered EP Collection is only available at

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