Eternal Mama’s Boy: Friday the 13th Game Teaser Released

Friday the 13th

Many months ago, it was announced that a video game based off of the Friday the 13th franchise was in the works. For some time now, fans have received hints and much speculation behind the games’ production and other aspects. For example, we now know that the one and only Kane Hodder is responsible for the animation of Jason Voorhees. This in itself is exciting because Hodder is the one actor to have portrayed the character of Jason in the film series more than once. Therefore, having been one of the most successful adaptations of the loving and revenge-seeking son/serial killer. Speaking of Jason’s partial identity as a son, the creators of Friday the 13th: The Game have generously given a sneak-peek at what the upcoming game has in store for fans. In other words, a game teaser! In fact, that teaser is now readily available, and can be watched below. Enjoy!

In some ways bringing recollection of the beginning scene to Freddy VS Jason, this trailer also certainly provides its’ own flair. Add to that, a whole lot of excitement! Gun Media will be showcasing the first gameplay tomorrow, June 12th, at 8:45 PM EST on’s E3 showcase.

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