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 Don’t ya wanna make it to Juggalo Day Weekend? Cause we wanna fuckin’ send ya! With 2 weeks left in our contest, we wanted to update and remind you homies of the deal. You have two more chances to work toward claiming the awesome prize of a pair of tickets for this fuckin’ fresh event! 12/01/2015 and 12/07/2015, on facebook will be releasing 5 trivia questions for that competin’ ass. The first ninja to respond by email to with all 5 questions answered correctly will get a point! 12333770_1068131949898640_211950862_o
That’s right, we love you assholes so much we’re sending you to fuckin Juggalo Day Weekend with 2 tickets! And we’re even dropping hints to those fresh ass ninjas who are signed up for our newsletter!
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