Expendables Of Horror: Death House To Be Six-Film Franchise

Death House

Dubbed to be the “Expendables Of Horror” back in February, the upcoming film Death House is sure to be a mega horror fan favorite once released. After all, the lineup of actors included in the film are already among the elite of horror icons. With names such as Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley and much more, how can you lose? Well, director Harrison Smith understands this concept very well. He recently took part in a live Q&A session to talk about the film with fans who are eager to feast their eyes on it. Popular website for all things horror, iHorror, took the liberty of going through the video of the session and pulled out some of the more important details.

First and foremost, Smith finally confirmed that Death House will be making its’ way to the masses in early 2017, most likely between January and April. While a distributor has yet to acquire the rights seeing as post-production isn’t complete, it is safe to assume that many would be more than willing to pick it up. Despite the excitement of this film, what are the plans for the future once it is finished? Well, Smith has an answer for that, as well. He also confirmed through the Q&A that he hopes the film will launch a massive horror franchise. He is quoted as saying,

There are five sequels plannedWe have the script for the second one pretty much done, and we’re getting everything ready to really ramp this up for an entire franchise. The way Death House ends, it’s totally set up to further the adventures of [the characters played by actors] Cody Longo and Cortney Palm.”

As far as Robert Englund and his role goes?

We have certain actors from the first film that will return for the sequel… Do we want Robert in the sequel? Absolutely. And we hope we’ll have him.”

The official trailer will be revealed at Days Of The Dead the weekend of September 2nd, but until then, enjoy the teaser trailer below!

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