Failed 2 Miss

Time To Eat Some Fish

Nekolelette Necro and Amnesia bring in another episode of Fail To Miss, this time Daddy Long Legs and Buddha are set to duke it out in All Stars Battle Royal on the PS3. As the battle begins it becomes clear this is going to be one for the ages, with both competitors having almost no clue what is going on, or how to even win (or lose) the game. Chaos mounts as the walls of the surrounding room are blown away and the competitors continue to battle it out in front of anime 2d style characters until time runs up.

The game names Daddy Long Legs winner, condemning Buddha’s lackey, Mavok, to spin the wheel of shame. The always beautiful Nekolelette Necro banters with Mavok momentarily before he concedes to accept his punishment for failure and gives it a twirl. Assimilating Nemo is the final answer – so it’s off to a table with a glass of water and not one, not two, not three or four but five fish in it. Making friends with the fish, Buddha so lovingly developed names for each before manning up. Saying goodbye to Bill, Frank, Jack, Eddie, and Jill, Mavok downs the fish without chewing, leaving him with feelings of swimming fish in his gut. Yum.


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