Failed 2 Miss Season #3 Episode #13 (#34) Sniper Ghost Warrior (Xbox 360) – WOLFPAC

Season Finale: On this Episode of Failed 2 Miss we get stealthy as the WOLFPAC stalk each other in Sniper Ghost Warrior for the Xbox 360! Watch as they slither, sneak, and snipe each other to claim victory on the battle field as well as to see who claims VICTORY for this seasons finale! Watch to find out which non virtual avatar hast to get the ultimate punishment and receive a tattoo of the other non virtual avatar some where on his body on this seasons finale! Much love to our homey Split Divo of East Side Tattoos for hooking up the sick tattoo flavor!

Oh and don’t forget on this season of Failed 2 Miss whichever non-virtual avatar who receives the most losses by the end of the season must get a tattoo of the other non-virtual avatar on his body!

You are watching Failed 2 Miss, the only Lets Play show where people get hurt! Watch as WOLFPAC members Daddy Long Legs and Buddha compete against each other on the video game battlefield to decide who’s non-virtual avatar has to bear the burden of their loss and take a spin on the wheel shame! Violence, tattoos, hot chicks and video games, what more do you need?



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