Excuse me while I have a slight fan girl moment!!!!  Fallout 4 is less than 24 hours from being officially announced! This is seriously exciting news. The Fallout series is one of my personal favorites.  A close second to the Metal Gear series.  The official Fallout website has been replaced with the countdown timer as seen in the image above.  Click HERE or on the image to see for yourself!!

This marks the arrival to the new current gen systems PS4 and Xbox One, and the first game in the series since 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas.  I find it interesting that Bethesda is announcing the game 2 weeks ahead of the video game industry’s biggest conference E3 which begins June 14.

The only thing we know about Fallout right now is that it will be taking place in Boston.  That is more of a strong rumor.  However it stands on some strong legs as it stems from leaked casting documents back in December of 2013.  Either way, we can get excited to start collecting our bottle caps and head back out to the wasteland to see what it has to offer this time around!

So lets hear your opinion family!  What are your thoughts?  Excited? Don’t care?  Tell us how ya feel in the comment section.