A couple hours ago Dizzy Wright, possibly former member of Funk Volume started tweeting comments such as, “I’m not sure when everything got so bad on our end but I wanna apologize to the fans… I did everything in my power to keep Fv” (Funk Volume) “together”.  Dizzy continued, “But because the foundation is so broken we’ve decided to go our separate ways, sad to say but It all happened extremely fast”.  Obviously we here at TJF have cause to believe that the Funk Volume movement has come to an end.

If you did not already know, Funk Volume was an independent rap label and production company home to artists such as SwizZz, Jerren Benton, Hopsin, DJ Hoppa, and Dizzy Wright, to name a few.  The label was co-founded by Damien Ritter and Hopsin, who recently seem to have fallen into a state of disagreement.  On January 2, 2016 Hopsin took to his twitter to begin voicing his opinion on his business partner stating, “I’ve been having issues with my business partner Damien Ritter.  We started this whole FV shit”.  Hopsin’s tweets have had fans and on-lookers curious for days and today everything seems to have come to an end.

On January 4, 2016 rapper Daylyt who was not signed to the Funk Volume label released a video to YouTube (link at the bottom of the article).  In Daylyt’s video he explains that there has been issues between Hopsin and Damien for a while; apparently Hopsin wanted to sign Daylyt to the label but Damien said, “’I don’t think we need the Daylyt brand, too much controversy’”.  After some discussion between Funk Volume founders, the label decided to go ahead and sign on the new rapper, but ultimately it led to verbal blows between Damien and Hopsin… according to Daylyt, Damien called Hopsin a bitch.  Ultimately the new rapper was never signed to the label.  There was also apparently a difference in music preference and the direction in which the founders wanted the Funk Volume label to proceed.  Regardless, Daylyt’s video is worth a view, check it out for the full story.

I reached out to Hopsin, DJ Hoppa, and Damien today for a comment just minutes ago and am yet to hear from them.  However, we intend to keep you as updated as possible so check back to see this story fully develop.  At this point we can only perceive from Dizzy Writght’s twitter that things have taken a turn for the worse.  Only time will tell.

Written by Jaclyn

As always the news can change quickly, Hopsin has put up an update in regards to the future of Funk Volume: According to the post Hopsin states that ” Funk volume is officially dead now thanks to the monster Damien Ritter.” But he wants to assure his fans that Jarren, Dizzy, Swizzz, Dj Hoppa and him are still on good terms and will continue to support them. Check out the photo below to read his whole post. ~ Kelley