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Evil Dead 2 Uproot in Full Effect

A dedicated Evil Dead fan, Mike Pasquale, has rescued the Evil Dead 2 cabin and work shed from being destroyed. The property owners have plans of cutting down the trees on that  piece of property and not being fans of the movie planned on just letting the buidlings fall to the ground. Upon knowledge of this Pasquale decided to take action and recover these buidlings to put on a traveling display for other fans to see at Comic Cons.evil dead 2 cabin


Pasquale sells prop replicas from the Evil Dead 2 movies and has been working hard to rebuild the cabin and work shed piece by piece while buiding new frames for the pieces to go on. The original structures were in too bad of shape and collapsed when he started to disessemble them. He has also recovered more pieces to the structures through another fan who had been collecting them from the site. You can read his account of this process along with seeing many, many photos and videos at his website EvilDeadWorkShed.com.

In an effort to get more funding for this massive project Pasqual has opened a Kickstarter. So far it has been funded by him and one customer. He has different tiers of donations each recieving special gifts. All rewards will have their names in the credits of the documerty he is filming while working on this project titled Evil Dead Uproot along with a thank you email. Though, if you shell out a mere $20 you can get a piece of coal from Linda’s grave site. $50 will get you the coal and a piece of flooring from the rear hallway of the cabin. Donating more will get you more peices from the cabin including the limited reward of a piece of metal roofing. The highest donations will get a chainsaw prop he makes himself that he sells on his website. To donate to this project you can visit his Kickstarter page.

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