Fatal Attraction Music Video

Fatal Attraction

Yesterday, Madchild came out with the first version of his Snak The Ripper diss, Fatal Attraction.  Today, he put out a music video for the song.

This Snak The Ripper vs. Madchild Beef War has been going on for awhile now.  As we wait for Snak‘s response, check out the video.

In Madchild‘s first track response, he only had a crudely edited picture of Snak in a casket.  The first version of Fatal Attractions also had only a picture of Madchild with Snak The Ripper.  Snak was in all Bax-War attire, as though he supports the merchandise.  However, both of Snak‘s responses had immediate official music videos.  His response time has also been a lot faster than Madchild‘s.

However, this time Madchild also put out a music video version of his diss.