FBI Gives Up Plus Other Seminar News


Photo: Ed Steele (http://www.edsteelephotography.com)

ICP dropped a lot of fresh knowledge on us Juggalos today. On top of two tours already announced other major topics include being removed publicly from the FBI Gang List, Boondox, Juggalo Day, a movie, where is Legz Diamond?

Boondox has left Psychopathic Records, Signed with MNE

Psychopathic Records is not worried about signing new artists

They want to focus on putting out more ICP projects

Juggalo Day is going to be The Ringmaster Show, possibly happening in either Dallas, Detroit, or Worcester. It will once again be a full weekend and with JCW and afterparties

Juggalos are no longer on gang list, FBI admitted they never meant to add all Juggalos.  However the FBI does keep an unofficial record that we could very much still be on.

Appeal ruling about gang list could be announced within a few month. If they don’t win appeal next step is Supreme Court. If that happens ICP organizing march in Washington with free show at the end.  Although we are not on the list, the case does have to do with the included juggalos who were discriminated against.

ICP Theater is out on DVD. As previously announced the rights are owned by Spike TV.

DJ Paul’s “Master of Evil” album being released on October 30th

Script for new ICP movie Big Money Thrusters being written now

Riddle Box 20th anniversary album being release October 9th with extra songs record during that era

Following the release of the special edition of Riddle Box will be a nationwide Riddle box tour

Speaking of tours: Lost and Found tour kicks off in September, P.O.D. confirmed, possible acts Dope DOD, Onyx, Twista, and King 810

The Outtakes a new album available on the Lost and Found tour. There are 14 total unreleased tracked from them.

VJ new book will be released once the FBI stuff is over

This years Gathering is largest attendance in 5 yrs

Steve Miller is writing book about ICP and Juggalos

VJ wants to wrestle at the next GOTJ, he is trying to get into wrestling shape.

ICP wants to try to have a “Wizard of the Hood” show next Gathering, if Twiztid and Blaze will do it

Not sure where Legz Diamond is or what his deal is

Shaggy 2 Dope has been thinking about a solo album, plans on doing it/ Solo tour will happen after it’s released

Jumpsteady is working on getting Die Antwoord for next years gathering

Violent J is hoping to have a new Psychopathic Rydas released album at the next Gathering


Plus here is the tracklist of The Phantom, given out at the seminar.