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10 Terrifying Horror Films That Exploit Your Everyday Fears,” is an article on What Culture with Jen Wakely as a contributor.  Horror films are made to stimulate fear.  Fear is generated by the nervous system and releases a chemical called notably glutamate.  However, the amount of fear one experiences can determine whether or not that movie sticks with them for a long period of time or not.

What Culture listed 10 articles that specifically stay with you based on the type of fear the movie is aiming for.  Check out the list below.


  • The Babadook —- The movie came out late in 2014 and was about a widowed mother with a child afraid of a monster within the house.  After some strange, hair-lifting moments, the mother realizes her child is right; they are not alone.  This movie played on the fear of loss.  By the loss of her husband, Amelia creates a monster through grief and depression that she, and her child, has to fight to gain peace in their lives once again.
  • Alien —- The movie came out in 1979 and stimulates the fear of isolation.  The setting of the movie is in space, and the tagline of the movie was: “In space no-one can hear you scream.”  No one in life wishes to be alone, especially so far away from home.
  • Oculus —- This 2014 movie is about the fear of being unable to control yourself.  There are stories about how one will wake up in the middle of the night, unable to move but able to see and hear everything around them.  Or, there are stories about specific sleepwalkers who are a fully awake with no control as their sleeping body moves around.  Everyone likes to be in control.  In Oculus though, that little voice within you that you continuously tell to shut up, because louder and seemingly more convincing in its statistic ideas until you’ve become hypnotized to do uncontrollable things.
  • Pontypool —- Communication is key in society.  Without it, society would become panicked at a heartbeat, especially with the help of electronics nowadays.  Pontypool, released in 2008, focuses on the fear of being unable to communicate.  When, in the movie, Canadian residents do not heed a warning, they become violent upon the repetition of the English language.  These creates an issue with communication.
  • The Thing —- A movie from the past, released in 1982, specializes in the fear of other people.  Paranoia becomes a factor within the fear of people as humans become panicked at the idea of another judging them.  You see this on a daily basis as new trends come out and people have to blend in because being different is seen as a tragedy.  This movie touches mainly on the concepts of deception, where the fear of being tricked and hurt by another human being is very real within the world.  As this monster shape-shifts into previous human beings it’s killed, the plot of the story engages this intense fear within the audience to forever stick with them within their minds.

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