Festival tent that is a must for the Gathering!

The festival tent of all tents for those who Gather!

festival tent

So I came across an article when searching for a festival tent. I liked this article so much that i decided to share it all with the fam. There are some of you that take the Gathering very seriously (as you should!). This article is definitely for you if you fall in that category.

Anyone who has been to a Gathering of the Juggalos knows that a good portion of those in attendance go extra hard at night. Hell, there were ninjas that were two weeks early this year. Those same ninjas who are nocturnal know how important it is to try to get as much sleep in the morning as possible. That is if someone isn’t yelling, “Fuck yo sleep” or “shitdick!”. However, the struggle between the sunlight and the weather (heat/cold) can make it unbearable at times. So when I found out the SIESTA 4 has a high quality reflective shell, it peaked my interest real quick. It blocks both heat and light to make the often impossible day-sleeping not only comfortable, but also convenient.

What’s more, it comes with built in USB-powered fans to ventilate the tent with a cool breeze and/or disperse smoke from the inevitable ‘hot box.’

festival tent

festival tentNow this little bad boy of a festival tent, is a great sized one, giving you 8 feet of sleeping room and is easily set up. I personally think for the annual Gathering-goer, this solves a lot of your struggles right off the bat. Now this isn’t exactly your Walmart tent, one of those you buy on the way and leave behind. This lil bad boy does of course have a price tag, but for peace of mind, I can handle the price tag of $265 bucks(hundred bucks cheaper if you pre-order). I consider it an investment on having a good time. Their Kickstarter just started and is just a few grand from it’s goal. Check out this video below to learn more and to get your own if you should choose to support this awesome product.



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