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Finally! Highly Anticipated “Talk Up On It” Video

The “Talk Up On It” music video has made multiple headlines in the Kansas City area and now we get to FINALLY see it! It is quite a masterpiece of music and dance. We all know that Krizz Kaliko loves to dance and always has. This video tells the song’s story in the masterful art of dance. The plot is reflected in the dance moves of the characters. At one point Krizz and a little girl argue through dance as he is trying to take her stuffed animal. You know that meme that says, “Let me explain in interpretive dance.” Well, this video does just that.

As for the music video itself, it’s quite epic. This song really hit me hard in my current situation. It really brought up some feelings for me. Personally, I love the fact the bitch just walks away. You know, because Krizz is just talking up on it. Guys (and girls) like to say a lot of shit, but it doesn’t matter who you are. The point is really driven home when he just goes and starts talking to another chick after the first leaves. It’s really amazing how the story unfolds. Well worth the wait. The “Talk Up On It” video will definitely be a part of my music video rotation from this day forward.

“Talk Up On It” Music Video

It’s a Krizz Kaliko day. Not only did this highly anticipated music video finally drop, but so did the album this track comes from. Today is the release of Krizz’s first full-on singing album, GO. Yo can head over to your local Best Buy to pick it up or online at the Strange Music Store or on Itunes if you’re into digital albums. In celebration of the release of GO Krizz broadcasted a short Facebook Live Stream. He gave a little a cappella performance from the album and mentioned that he may just be doing live streams on a weekly basis to get in touch with his fans. Check the live stream out below.

Krizz Kaliko Facebook Live Stream

Stay tuned to True Juggalo Family. This evening we will have a review of GO for those just not sure if they want this album yet. Our resident writer Dani Wicked will have the honest critique of this highly anticipated album. So, don’t miss out!

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