Fired Juggalo Cop A Hoax?

Juggalo Cop

By now, most of us have heard about the police officer from Oakstead, New York, getting fired for being a Juggalo. Naturally, many of us were upset by this and took it as a case of discrimination. Since it’s a well-known fact how things have escalated between Juggalos and the FBI, it only makes sense that something like this would further ignite the flames. However, could this story be completely made up? Absolutely. In fact, nothing about the story is true. The apparent victim of Juggalo discrimination, Jeremy Lancaster, is not even a real person! Oakstead Police Department is also not an actual place. It looks as though once again, someone decided to create fake drama for us to get worked up over.

Did you believe this story was ever real? Drop your opinion in the comments!

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