first casket factory music video

First Casket Factory Music Video Released: They Call That Gangsta

Blaze Ya Dead Homie dropped the first Casket Factory music video for his soon to be releasedĀ  album. “They Call That Gangsta” features Majik Ninja label mates Lex the Hex and the R.O.C. The song itself, never heard before, has a classic Blaze feel that makes you feel like a gangsta just listening to it. This song is like a triple threat of underground gangstas that ain’t your normal gang bangers. These painted up rappers seem to be laying down their dark gangsta style in what looks to be a school. The video starts out with a close up of someone writing on a chalkboard and a old school film being projected and featured in the video as one of a handful of backgrounds inside and outside the school. It seems Blaze and his gang are schooling us on what they call gangsta. The idea of a song about being gangsta performed at a school seems to make you think that they’re teaching you some real shit. Well, some real gangsta shit. You really get a taste for the new album with this song and for the other less known artist on Majik Ninja Entertainment. Check it out and get hyped for the Casket Factory.

They Call That Gangsta


As for the Casket Factory album, you get a little information into it’s concept in the description for this video. It’s an interesting back story surrounding Blaze, one different than the old Psychopathic story while at the same time seems like it may just be adding a little twist to it.

“Measure twice and cut once” is a saying that is as age old as the craftsmanship of Grundy Family Casket Factory. A name and business founded in the early 1200s and passed down from generation to generation keeping its roots deep within its dark ancestral family tree. The bloodline and the Casket Factory had all but faded away by the mid 1900s until inherited by Blaze. Albeit a Casket Maker by trade, Blaze had chosen a different path in life and death and seemed more consumed with filling caskets rather than building them. But when offered the opportunity to obtain his heritage and inherit the family business things changed for Blaze, and changed quick! Adorned with a top hat and gold skull maple cane, his blueprint for turning the enormous basement of the rundown and timely Casket Factory into a makeshift cemetery was just the fist of many insane ideas. He even decided to put the caskets back into production and only offer a one size fits all Casket and guaranteed it to fit any and everyone! Needless to say these so called rumors and speculations as well as the remote secret location of the newly open Casket Factory is but a mystery spoken through whispers on the lips of those who have claimed to see it for themselves, and their stories that have carried on through time until now.

We here at Majik Ninja Entertainment are proud to present you….
Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s forthcoming masterpiece entitled “The Casket Factory” based on the story of his inheritance that drove him from killer to death incarnate! We warn you that these recordings may be unsettling and inappropriate for some listeners. That said we recommend that you use extreme caution listening, purchasing, or selling this product.

Judging from this video, pre-released songs, and that bone chilling description of Casket Factory this album may just be as Blaze says, his best album to date. The Twiztid-Shop has 6 pre-order bundles for the Casket Factory to choose from. Plus, you get automatically entered into a drawing for dope Casket Factory merchandise with every pre-order.



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