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First screenings announced for Texas Frightmare Weekend


Hello there fellow Horror movie fans! CameraNinja here with an exciting announcement from the folks over at Texas Frightmare Weekend. They have released the first wave of screenings. Check it out!!


last girl standing, texas frightmare weekend


Director: Benjamin J. Moody

Starring: Akasha Villalobos, Danielle Evon Ploeger

Brian Villalobos

Ever wonder what happens after the horror movie? Last Girl Standing gives you the answer. This dark, psychological film, follows the sole survivor of a brutal massacre by a masked madman. It shows her trying to move on with her life but feeling like the maniac might not be dead.

dead body, texas frightmare weekendDEAD BODY

Director: Bobbin Ramsey

Starring: Rachel Brun, Nathan Pringle,

Jay Myers

The writer of ZMD: ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION and producer Ian Bell brings you a tale of college students, summer, a cabin getaway, a parlor game and a real killer on the loose. Watch as they try to figure out the mystery while trying to hold on to their sanity.

mortal remains, texas frightmare weekend

MORTAL REMAINS Directors: Christian Stavrakis & Mark Ricche Starring: Christian Stavrakis, Mark Ricche, Eduardo Sanchez

This documentary -esque film follows filmmakers Christian Stavrakis & Mark Ricche to investigate the lost work of infamous regional horror director Karl Atticus and his alleged suicide in the ‘70s that has been shrouded in mystery. As they dig deeper, they find out  that Atticus’ cult following could be deeper and darker than they imagined.

getting schooled, texas frightmare weekend

GETTING SCHOOLED Director: Chuck Norfolk Starring: Mayra Leal, Tom Long, Ron Jeremy

Set in the 80’s, Getting Schooled is a twisted tale of a group of detention ridden high school students who find out their wheel-chair bound teacher is not only and ex-black ops soldier, but a blood thirsty murderer.

bloodshock, texas frightmare weekend

AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: BLOODSHOCK Director: Marcus Koch Starring: Dan Ellis, Lillian McKinley, Andy Winton

Chainsaw Award-nominated FX guru Marcus Koch brings you the second entry into Stephen Biro’s AMERICAN GUINEA PIG series. This black and white chiller was debuted last year at Housecore Horror Film Festival. It is unique, controversial and grisly.

hair metal shotgun zombie massacre, texas frightmare weekendHAIRMETAL SHOTGUN ZOMBIE MASSACRE: THE MOVIE Special Sneak Screening! Director: Joshua Allan Vargas Starring: Andrew Bourgeois, Tom Araya, Randy Blythe

This splattery, over-the-top free-for-all pits bloodthirsty demons against drugged out Metalheads. It features music from Tim “Ripper” Owens.

trophyheads, texas frightmare weekend

TROPHY HEADS Director: Charles Band Starring: Adam Noble Roberts, Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley

An obsessed fan and his mother kidnap former ‘scream queens’ and force them to reenact their famous film roles…with deadly results. And if that doesn’t do the trick, Charles Band will be on-hand to present the film at Texas Frightmare Weekend!

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