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Flagrant Musick on Native World Inc.

When you think of the name Flagrant, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You would imagine a rough and tough, almost in your face kind of artist, right? While that is in fact where his name has stemmed from, it is far from the truth. Getting to sit down with him earlier this week has proved that he is a very genuine and dedicated artist.Flagrant ABK Native World

He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and grew up along side some of the artists we know and love the most today. Some of  which being Jamie and Paul from Twiztid, Anybody Killa, and The R.O.C. He even mentioned that when Esham started making a name for himself, he lived right down the block from him. How amazing is that?! He has grown up in the rap game and literally has watched the wicked shit evolve into the amazing genre that we all know and love today.  He recalls watching his friends rap careers starting off in the ‘Mom and Pop stores.’ He also mentioned that in order to make the record stores stock up on their tapes, they would call in themselves and make it sound like they were in demand so the stores would be stocked with their tapes to sell. The hustle was strong for these guys, even back then and the passion has only doubled and tripled with time.

Before the release of his EP that should be dropping later this year, he will be having a mixtape that will be released first, which is going represent his darker emotions. In his words, its  going “to have a dark ‘Incredible Hulk’ vibe.” This will be portraying the anger, all the evil, betrayal and psychotic thoughts that runs through not only his mind but possibly others as well. Flagrant’s mixtape will be 7 full tracks packed full of expressive flavor.  The name is to be determined at this point, but he is also working on his first EP that again, will be released later this year after his mixtape. This EP is going to represent the lighter side of him and he has confirmed that there will be some special artist appearances ranging from ABK, F- Dux, Zebra Octobra, The R.O.C and more.

Needless to say being able to sit down with him and talk about all his upcoming projects just reaffirms that this is one of the many Native World Inc artists that you shouldn’t sleep on. He has been in the background since the birth of the wicked shit, and now that he is front and center, he is bringing all the flavor he’s been holding back. Not only is he an talented artist, but also a loving father and homie.

If you want to hear more about Flagrant Musick checkout his Soundcloud or the song, “Sexy Molly” pulled from his Soundcloud below. He also was amazing enough to give us here at TJF a shoutout after our interview which you can watch on from our Periscope HERE. Be sure to follow us on Periscope for exclusive footage, artist shoutouts, and more- TrueJuggaloFam– Much love!


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