Tha Dark, go Away, flagrant musick

Flagrant Musick Releases New Track ‘Go Away’ From His New Album, ‘Tha Dark’.


Flagrant Musick, Go Away   Our homie at Native World Inc, Flagrant Musick has announced the release of his newest single, ‘Go Away‘ which he has given to us at TJF and we will share below. This song will be on his album, ‘Tha Dark‘ which will be dropping soon and we will update you on the release date on that as well.

With his album being called ‘Tha Dark‘, this song is nothing but what you would envision being dark and demented. Though it starts with a lighter tone, it ends on a deep and dark note to live up to the album’s name. When you listen to it you can immediately see a story unfolding of a loving father, man, and boyfriend who gets caught up in a love battle with his significant other. She tries to leave and the bottom line is, he doesn’t want her to ‘Go Away‘, so he does what he has to do to keep her.

Check out the song below fam and use this link to download  the song ‘Go Away‘!

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