FlagrantMusick Soulless

NWI’s FlagrantMusick Releases New Single

FlagrantMusick NWiFlagrantMusick is making some huge waves in the underground and after speaking with a rep from Native World Inc earlier, they blew my wig back when they told me about all the exclusive shit they have coming this year for all of you. If you’re looking for a real raw and true taste of that Detroit 7 mile musick, then just wait till you get a taste of that Flagrant Musick we have waiting for your ear-holes at the end of this article!

What makes this single as well as this dark and twisted mixtape he is releasing soon stand out so much, is the fact that they were all recorded as freestyles by Flagrant himself. A freestyle alone is difficult for most artists, but an entire mixtape?! Once you hear this single it will leave you wanting more from him. You can peep Flagrant on SoundCloud, Instagram, or Facebook for some other exclusive shit from the big man himself. 

This is the track you’ve all been waiting for so here it is, FlagrantMusick with “Soulless“.


Flagrant is one of the many artists on Native World Inc (NWI) that you don’t want to sleep on! So wake the fuck up and jump over to TheWarriorSpot.com to pick up music and merch from Flagrant, St8jaket, ABK, Tha Hav Knots, MR. Y.U.G, and so many others.

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