New Flatlinerz ! 6ix: Chapter 1 EP Released


The FlatlinerzHorrorcore vets The Flatlinerz released a new album this week. For those who do not know who The Flatlinerz are, they are a horrorcore rap hip/hop group hailing from New York. The group was pioneers when it came to horrorcore music during a time when groups like Run DMC and Public Enemy were running the rap game. The Flatlinerz were one of, if not the originators, of the genre we know as horrorcore far before ICP or any of the underground artist we know today adopted the term. After a long 20 year hiatus, the group opened for MNE front runners Twiztid. That was just 2 years ago. They are back making music and ready to show all the kids some original horrorcore rap.

6ix: Chapter 1 EP is the first of a 3 part trilogy set to be released and is the new era of The Flatlinerz. The whole sound of the album is very much New York hip hop with that horror sound we hear often throughout the genre. Out of the whole album, I have to say that “Bring Pain” sticks out the most to me. Personally, it sounds like an anthem of their return and emanate takeover over of the scene. It’s got a solid beat to bump to with a catchy chorus and solid lyrics.  “Down here” and “Fear No Evil” have been on repeat since I bought the album. There’s one line in “Fear No Evil” that really sticks out to me “The horrorcore RUN DMC without the Adidas” and if you know anything about the group, you will know about their connection to Run DMC.

Another song that really sticks out to me is “No Pass Go”. From listening to the song a few times, the basis is how it seems there’s really no real passion or drive in mainstream music anymore, least from what I hear in the lyrics. It’s far to commercialized and it’s more about the record sales and merchandise sales than the actual music, but we won’t get into that today.  There’s a lot of groups that try to get into the music business and a lot of young artists who claim underground but still care more about the taste of fame. But this song is another anthem of them wanting to stay with their roots and spend the time and putting the work into the music. I love the beat on this one too. The hook is catchy and I’ve had it on repeat!

The album as a whole lines up really well with the current Horrorcore scene. I have to give extra props though because a lot of things lie in the details. When I purchased the EP off of their web store the cost was 6.66 so with obvious reasons it’s connected to the date of the release, name, horror and the fact there are going to be 3 albums. I like it! I’m a sucker for a small detail like that. My final thoughts, don’t sleep on The Flatlinerz. This EP is pretty solid and I’m looking forward to the next 2 EP’s in this trilogy.  Watch out all! There’s some solid music coming from the underground of New York. Peep the sampler below and for just under $7 bucks go buy and support the underground. You won’t be sorry! Follow them on all their social media and websites!



Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Down Here
  3. Bring Pain
  4. Magic Is Real
  5. Off Da Deep End
  6. Let Me Out
  7. Muse-Sick
  8. No Pass Go
  9. Fear No Evil
  10. Outro

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