Flosstradamus Has Proved Their Worthflosstradamus-brought-dance-music-to-the-gathering-of-the-juggalos-for-the-first-time-body-image-1438094764

David Garber, writer for thump.vice.com, reports about Flosstradamus in, “Flosstradamus at the Gathering: Shots Fired, Stones Thrown, and Moshpits.”

flosstradamus-brought-dance-music-to-the-gathering-of-the-juggalos-for-the-first-time-body-image-1438095192Thump was at the Gathering of the Juggalos to follow them and the artists’ HDYNATION, which means Hoodie Nation.  At first, the artists were ridiculed for being at the Gathering, but they just brushed the haters to the side and got ready for their performance.

Just before they began, J2K recieved a stone to the face that caused him to bleed.  This did not stop their performance from happening though.  J2K cleaned his face wiflosstradamus-brought-dance-music-to-the-gathering-of-the-juggalos-for-the-first-time-body-image-1438095088th a towel and then took the stage with Autobot.  After the duo ended their set with Most Pit, the crowd of Juggalos welcomed the duo into the family.

Check out the full article in the hyperlink above.  All pictures found are also in the article, courtesy of Michael James Murray.